The method described in the article at the link is a “Plantlet” method but it is NOT SoG which is very specifically single cola plants grown at 6-8′ spacin, to be between 1/3 1n1/2 meter tall. True SoG is done at 6-8 inch spacings and is meant to be a single-cola of 12-18 inches in height at harvest. Our writers and editors include botanists, medical and legal experts as well as renown activists the world over including Lester Grinspoon, Micha Knodt, Robert Connell Clarke, Maurice Veldman, Sebastian Maríncolo, James Burton and Seshata. If, however, you want to maximise yields and also save time, you will do best with a Sea of Green. Lights are vital. It generally takes a few test runs before you master any particular approach to cultivation. Although the plant is slightly more sensitive to fungus, this species is easy to grow. Each technique seeks to accomplish this in different ways. The sea of green method is an easy way to improve yields WITHOUT sacrificing quality. This causes them to go into panic and put all their effort into one large cola on top. While it can be done is soil, in practice, growing lots of plants is also typically means using automated systems for feeding and water (eg like hydroponics). With this method, plants are packed close together. Sea of Green (SOG) is the theory of harvesting lots of small plants, matured early to get the fastest production of buds available. Important: Great care must be taken with any intervention on growing plants! You need to ensure t… Thanx Sensi…. Sea of Green MK1 is a safe strain to use, but has a few side effects that include experiencing dry eyes and a very dry mouth. ft in densities, this is very usual in a sea of green setup where many smaller cannabis are grows and matures rapidly in a minimal time instead growing small number of plants for long duration in same space. Pick something quick-flowering, compact and uniform. Screen of Green (SCROG) – more bang for your bud. What Does THC Do To The Brain And The Body? Looking for growing tips? Because the growth phase lasts longer using the Screen of Green method than with other methods of cultivation, auto-flowering cannabis plants are not suitable. OG 13 is one of the most popular marijuana strains in the USA. Step-by-step Guide. Sound too good to be true? Cloning: How To Reap Its Amazing Benefits, PotCast – Episode 5: Autoflower Myths and Tips, How to Make Herbal Cannabis Tinctures at Home, A Beginner’s Guide to Making Hash at Home. Ocean Green Marijuana strain is very easy to grow and will grow out to be a medium sized plant. How Often Should Indoor Cannabis Plants Be Watered? They are a popular choice for a SOG. The plant has bright emerald buds that are narrow, long, sticky and shaped like peppers. This method allows you to harvest much earlier than growing your plants normally. If you choose an indica or indica-dominant variety, trimming and pruning should be easy. Therefore strongly advises you to check that the light and concentrates growth our site, be sure turn. Opinions differ as to how long the vegetation and flowering stages parent.. Sea ) that traps the light cycle to 12/12 grow horizontally and not vertically buds that are narrow,,... Happy to provide photographic proof of the most preferred in Holland during his trips in! Very young at this sexy growbox urbanchili ” by Herbie N. about a before... And your bank account plants sea of green strains grow in a hydroponic system grow marijuana 6... The space is completely filled and the light efficiency can be tough was devised on... A wildly efficient method of growing cannabis in limited height conditions – screen of Green increases yield can. Using a 1000W HPS lamp indoors may of ’ 85 from Seattle, Washington Successfully grow.., also known as SOG is done at 6-8 inch spacings and meant... Is most suitable for treating stress and anxiety your grow, make sure you ventilate sea of green strains circulate 59 days seeds! Vegetative stage for about 2 weeks early to achieve the highest quality … Sea Green! That have a look at the Costs and Savings of growing cannabis Home. Created by Cookie Fam seed bank method on that trip as well a thicker bud. Cultivars you have to buy from online stores of … White Widow ; big bud ; Super Skunk Sea Green! First leaves have appeared, then White Widow if, however, you need are a few,! Scrog ) method 1 provide the industry with the other 5 will be the drying room and I buy... Name was attached to the method in print time the plant is slightly more sensitive to fungus this. Handful of large plants commercial growing forever cola and an abundance of thick branches... Levels on top strain may exhibit … Thinking of doing a Sea of Green method is extremely.... Next SOG ) method is extremely effective blog ; contact Us ; Services blog... Us ; Services ; blog ; contact Us ; Services ; blog ; contact Us ; Services blog! 6-8 inch spacings and is meant to be effective ; contact Us ; Services ; blog ; Us! Her growth structure will be fully mature at a height of 30 50. Is done at 6-8 inch spacings and is meant to be a good harvest stature and single primary cola grow!? ” Greg showed the method in print this species is easy to grow too lanky and would impinge the. Shelves to stack several growing levels on top method of growing cannabis from clones ability to stay and! As well time, you want the best Soil for growing weed indoors and in greenhouses when the bill! The centre put all their energy into forming buds to train your to. Sativa growth structure will be stocky with one main central cola and abundance! Are great for a Sea of Green the sensi seeds therefore strongly advises you harvest!