Types of BBQ Sauce Rankings infographic designed by Zach Thielen. It is also especially delicious when poured on pulled pork. Kansas City Style BBQ sauce was my first introduction into BBQ as a youngster and became something that I put on most every meal, even boiled eggs, much to the dismay of family members. However, it is not at all comparable to a fully smoked brisket. 7 Recipe BBQ sauce is a tomato based sauce with a sweet and spicy sauce. It uses a tomato base and is generally sweeter and spicier than other types of BBQ sauce. Thicknesses are all over the map here with some South Carolina BBQ sauces looking as thick as mayo while others are a thinner consistency. Even within North Carolina there are two warring factions of BBQ sauce types, split into Eastern and Western. However, if you have never tried a Trader Joe’s brand BBQ sauce, then you are seriously missing out. Overall what makes a Florida style BBQ sauce stand out is it’s addition of oranges (not surprisingly…its Florida!). You might also hear it referred to as Lexington BBQ after Lexington, NC, where the sauce style originated. These sauces are popular for finishing ribs or chicken. In North Carolina, there are two distinct styles of sauces: Eastern North Carolina and Western North Carolina. However, go ahead and feel free to let us know if you think we’ve horribly misplaced a particular BBQ sauce in the comments below. Alabama Barbecue SauceIf you go to Alabama, you’ll notice something different about the sauce before you even taste it: the color. Now I like jerk chicken so I combined the East Carolina and Georgia sauce with some of the spices of jerk chicken. Many of the sauces you see commercially bottled at the store are tomato based. Another Trader Joe’s sauce that comes highly recommended is the Organic Brown Sugar BBQ Sauce & Marinade. Combined with slow-cooked meat, it adds a wonderfully tangy contrast. 5 10 Charming Country Products by Black-Owned Brands. However, Memphis is more known for being a serving sauce. Many recipes you’ll find online have the addition of beef bouillon which triggers the same effect. What could be better than a little booze with your BBQ? This especially tangy sauce originated in South Carolina, often found served on the side of a spit-roasted hog. Some even pack in the vinegar flavor. Prefer the thinner sauces of Central Texas that are more for basting rather than serving at the table? Eastern North Carolina styles of BBQ sauce are thin, vinegar-based sauce. Carolina BBQ sauces are as diverse from each other as they are from all other regions combined. You’ll find this made with brown sugar and molasses in most recipes. If you’ve ever been to a Korean BBQ it’s likely that you’ve encountered some form of Korean style BBQ sauce. Contact Us St. Louis and Kansas City have other similarities, such as both being tomato-based. However, the sauces in each region can vary greatly in their flavor profiles. Tomato and sugar sauces are thicker and sweeter. The three most popular sauce bases in BBQ are tomato, vinegar, and mustard. Different regions across the USA hold allegiances to different styles of BBQ sauce. Kansas City BBQ Sauce. While the mix of a tomato base, brown sugar, and molasses might sound like your typical BBQ sauce, Trader Joe’s takes this sauce to the next level. A Comprehensive Look (2020), Vinegar Acidity 101: The Essential Breakdown, Why Is Olive Oil Good for You? Kansas City Barbecue SauceThis is probably the most widely known version of barbeque sauce, with its thick consistency and sweet, slightly tangy flavor profile.