Japanny - Best Japanese Knife. There was an error signing up for restock notifications. DIY And Crafts. Craftsmanship and heritage are the distinguishing attribute of most all the knives we celebrate here and that is a very slippery thing to evaluate monetarily. Gyuto - Chef's Knife, Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. We Offer DHL EXPRESS Flat Rate Shipping Worldwide. In this case I could perceive degradation to the edge relatively quickly. Master Togashi heat treats the blade to perfection while Master Tosa truly understands how the knife should be grinded: super thin … Masamoto Deba Knives_Hongasumi Blue Made of highly refined Japanese carbon steel and soft iron forged together. The knife had been polished aftermarket so I can’t make any observations about the finish to the blade as they come from Sukenari. Again, no expert, but as I understand it, a honyaki is a hand forged knife of single steel construction which has been differentially hardened, often with a high hardness cutting edge. Production knives use automation and mechanization to make high performing knives in volume to reduce cost. Awesome selection of knives and tools. ( Log Out /  Sukenari ZDP189 Damascus Gyuto 210mm. Sukenari ZDP-189 Mirror Damascus Gyuto with Ebony Blond Buffalo Horn Handle, Origin (Made in): Toyama-shi, Toyama Prefecture, Japan, Hand-forged, hand-grinded, hand-sharpened, Blade Length: 210mm (8.3") / 240mm (9.4"), Engraved Mark (Front): In Japanese Kanji ", Engraved Mark (Back): In Japanese Kanji "Super Steel" (超鋼). Avoid cutting into bones, frozen foods, hard fruit pits. … Company Name: Sekaie Inc.Office: Ri 86-3 Hamamachi, Nomi Ishikawa Japan 929-0124Phone:+81 9013928053Email: info@japanny.com, © 2020 Japanny - Best Japanese Knife • Powered by Shopify, AUTUMN SPECIAL OFFER for Home Chef ! There is a pretty pronounced shoulder about 1/3 the way up the blade where the blade flat transitions into the grind. Nigara Knives has a long tradition and turns out some gorgeous, hand made knives with exceptional quality. Kohetsu Shinano Blue #2 Gyuto 210mm Custom, Blacksmith: Hanake-san, Second Generation. Japanny - Best Japanese Knife Our hand crafted stock is extremely limited. It was a wonderful opportunity to play with a knife few of us have either the budget or the gumption to invest in, though perhaps we should think differently about that…. Sukenari Honyaki Series | White Steel No.1, Sukenari Hon Kasumi Series | White Steel No.2, Sukenari Hon Kasumi Series | Blue Steel No.2, Damascus (Powdered High Speed Tool Steel). The resemblance to the KS was largely a function of its rock solid feel in the hand and on the board, comfortable (read not sharp) spine and choil, and the clean feel of the smooth polished steel on my fingertips. Aaron Gibson 9,998 views. 6:55 . Sukenari is a specialized maker of professional cooking knives..Since its foundation in 1933, Sukenari is highly trusted and evaluated on ’Honyaki’ cooking knife (rated as top professional cooking knife) using Japanese Sword manufacturing technology. Subscribe to our newsletter and always be the first to hear about what is happening. Sukenari Knives. This is the top of the range handcrafted ZDP-189 Gyuto from Sukenari with a beautiful and immaculate mirror Damascus finish, and a beautiful and hard-to-find marbled blond ebony/buffalo horn wa-handle. The hamon was visible, but only just so. We are glad to be able to introduce another fine Japanese forge-smith and their innovative traditional Japanese knives to our customers. Rather, the Sukenari is a very good knife because it does, whatever it is that it does, the right way… Right off the bat the Sukenari made a good first impression, it reminded me a lot of my Masamoto KS, one of my favorite knives bar none. We supply a wide range of top quality But even having panned some of the qualities of the knife, I think that is a pretty myopic view of what it is a knife can be. Every single step in the process is more difficult when . Sukenari ZDP189 Damascus Gyuto 210mm. Potential buyers will be disappointed if they expect the raw performance to justify the cost. JapaneseChefsKnife.Com (JCK, Established in 2003) is the direct internet sales I refrained from reading any other reviews of this knife until I could summarize my own impressions. Oct 25, 2018 - This Sukenari is made with a single piece of white #1 steel and has a beautiful mirror finish. Custom Knife.. This knife is an $800+ functional work of art. PS. Stay up to date on the latest product releases, special offers & news by signing up for our newsletter. Sukenari Knives. Great customer service. Sukenari ZDP-189 Wa Series Wa Gyuto (210mm to 270mm, 3 sizes, Octagonal Bocote Wood Handle with Water Buffalo Horn Ferrule) 3 from $430.00 Sukenari R-2 Damascus Wa Series Wa Gyuto (3 Sizes, Special Ebonywood Handle) Mark is great at answering questions for knife nuts of all levels. The knife pictured in the photos in this post is the Konosuke Sakura and is hands down the most beautiful knife I have ever seen. Rather, the Sukenari is a very good knife because it does, whatever it is that it does, the right way…. ... Sukenari ZDP-189 Hairline Gyuto 240mm Quick Look - Duration: 6:55. 80% of any task is comparatively easy. I'm actually waiting on my second knife from them. Sukenari The 80 years traditional forging techniques are now fused with state-of-the-art new steel, resulting the finest kitchen knives of the next generation. Quick shipping, description matches what is delivered and the price, you can't beat them. Whether it’s creating some outstanding Damascus work or employing the incredibly difficult honyaki process, Sukenari’s blacksmiths have impressed us with their consummate skills and artisanship. Making a knife like this is damn hard. This region, in northern Japan, has a rich history of blacksmiths that made all kinds of weapons and tools which date back 350 years.