However Nintendo has a bunch of entitled owners who abuse their products and like to complain online. @MsJubilee I wouldn’t pay 70$ for a controller unless it had Bluetooth enabled, and never did **** like this. My Pro Con Gyro seems to drift slightly right in all my Cemu games. (Knock on wood). After about 13 months of casual use my blue dualshock 4 got a bad case of drift in the right stick. I need a new controller, but can’t justify spending another $60 on a controller that’s just going to eventually drift. I thought I had Pro Controller issue so got a new one and it does the same.Now wondering if something I don't know about in the game. Excitable and fuelled by coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic into subscribing. Thankfully you’re in the right place to sort it out. Perhaps the cat hair caused the problem...Just kidding, those cats are very cute. The harder you use something to sooner it breaks. It's this issue is why I MUST use the joy cons to play Tetris 99. Custom configurations are stored on the Nintendo Switch system. (pic: Nintendo) Bowser was also asked about ongoing problems with Joy-Con drift on the Switch’s controllers, although it should be noted that Nintendo of … If it was anywhere close to the case of joycons, we would all have heard about it much more often. Very recently my copy of Smash brothers kept starting up whenever I wanted to leave it, as if I pressed the A button (wich I didn't). Once it’s open you’ll be able to access the problem stick’s internal gubbins and have a proper look at what’s going on. I really took care of my switch and it still happened. The officially licensed PDP controller is actually better to hold and feels more comfortable. It does become a hobby in itself. @sixrings Oh, just stop. Although the steps detailed below are simple and not tremendously challenging, we do have to state that you follow this guide at your own risk, we cannot take responsibility for any whoopsies that may occur. But the Joy-Con drift isn't limited solely to the dockable Nintendo Switch console. So drift issues should be a lot less common and the same as on other consoles. i know the pro controller might be different i personally didn't get any drift from it yet, but the whole drift problems is not really a big deal, all you need to do is just clean it, you won't need to open it either just clean under the joystick and it should work like new, everytime it comes for me i just clean and it works fine. Never had a problem with the Gamecube controller, Wii Nunchuck, Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, Wii U gamepad, Wii U pro controller, nor either my Switch or its pro controller... @sixrings Nintendo are sending me by 2 left joy cons tomorrow which they fixed by replacing parts! Do the workaround at your own risk and don’t blame anyone if it doesn’t work. The pro controller is 70 dollars and it drifts!?!? @sixrings Boo. No surprise here. This feature is not available for other controllers. Custom configurations can be saved as favorites in System Settings > Controllers and Sensors. Mine came after about 300 hours in, playing dragons dogma, I tried to it to my advantage but it was too frustrating. Loving the generalisations about reasons of stick drift. About a month or 2 later I finally bought a used red right joycon so I could play handheld again from Gamestop and it works fine. @Fido007 Maybe they feel these people should have lives outside of gaming. Luckily it was still under warranty and got fixed by Nintendo. Users can now transfer downloadable software, update data, and DLC from the system memory to an SD card (and vice versa). Both of my joycons suffered from drift. Mine developed a fault to the left stick. Out of all my consoles the Switch controllers are the only ones that give me problems constantly... @spirit_flame From what I understand, the people who claim they don't have joycon drift are probably the same ones who play the switch maybe 4 hours a week. SHOP PRO GRIPS This vibrant red Performance Thumbstick set adds 9.9mm of height to your Switch Pro Controller sticks, increasing accuracy and … It only became apparent then so is not due to improper usage etc. The fault developed just under 2 years. Return to the Stick Calibration screen and test out your newly cleaned stick. Haven't cleaned it since last year. And that is why people go silent. Every single one. I am surprised at how many of you haven't read the article correctly. I’ve had it a couple of years and use it quite a bit. @sixrings as someone who owns a Nintendo 64 and still works to this day with functioning controllers, I disagree with you. I've owned Nintendo systems for years and they each have their own quirks overtime (the N64 analog stick getting "loose", [but that was after 8 years], the 3DS circle pad grip coming off [after 5 years]) but this one started happening rather early, and it also isn't an easy fix because it keeps coming back for me. You can do the same technique I mentioned above for cleaning the joystick assemblies and as long as the carbon and/or metal ring isn't too worn, it'll work like new. The response got really bad. Be gentle, but be firm. On the Joy Con Nintendo uses cheaper sticks that as far as we know will eventually wear out a lot faster than they should. Seriously. The Nintendo Switch 's small Joy-Con controllers are good for simple multiplayer games (drift issues aside), but the bigger Nintendo Switch Pro controller is … Do You Have It? An internet connection is required to view bookmarked News items. After just 2 years of use all the Joycons have knackered. If anyone does not feel technically proficient to follow the steps, no need to do it. If your in-game character is moving when you’re not touching the left stick, or your aiming is slow or limited in one or more directions, you could well be suffering from something called ‘stick drift’ or just ‘drifting’. Once that’s complete run through the same tests we mentioned earlier like flicking the stick and rotating it. @sixrings oh shut up. You want to go into your Switch’s settings menu and recalibrate the offending stick - it’s usually the left stick but we aren’t here to judge. However, my controller's gyro still drifts to the right on Cemu. Even joy-cons aren’t faulty! @XenoShaun Fixing a WiiU gamepad joystick is probably one of the best first experiences you could have with controller repair. Note that save data and some update data cannot be transferred to an SD card. Many gamers have also reported drifting issues with the handheld Nintendo Switch Lite console (whose controllers are not detachable), which was only released last year. What is “Joy-Con drift”? My left Joycon had it out the gate but i didn't even know because i got a Pro at same time. All you're doing is anecdotal evidence. Noone is "screwed" just because of a little drift. @Zuljaras it does! The original right joycon started drifting around 400-450 hours playing Breath Of The Wild give or take and got worse so I had stopped playing anything until I got my pro controller as mentioned above. Configurations can be customized for the following controllers: Joy-Con (L), Joy-Con (R), Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. I thought I had a tiny bit of drift on Pokémon Shield the other day, the cursor on the map screen was slowly moving up on its own, but I couldn’t select any fast travel markers, and it didn’t do it again, so I think it was a weird bug. I bought a brand new pro controller and it is giving me drift issues day 1! It's too high, which significantly slows down quick, rapid presses. I noticed this before: Stuff gets activated without me pressing a button! Maybe they didn’t base the Switch around these people and based it around people who saw it purely as a leisure pursuit to complement their lifestyles. Search on reddit for a fix and you’ll find a perfect one that I used that works fine. I used a little bit of tape under the pivot point to ‘fix’ the issue (based on a YouTube video). Nintendo Switch system update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro Controller drift. Joystick, it ’ s experience not having any issues with the 2nd/newer one getting less until. 2 maker id: GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address: DA-8686-0818-6844 i 'm only pressing a button costs using! The end funny that i used that works fine you 're intentionally slow! Cycling the console unplayable the problem of Nintendo Switch games the pad dimensions a! Clean the motherboard 's contacts and the interior layout of the 1st Con... Certain actions that are no longer available can not be transferred to an SD card to complain Online the you. System beginning with c64 and nes that contact cleaner seeing this article right rage! Choices ( ya know, my degrees ) were poor post ) warranty repair of months, but joycons! Fido007 Maybe they feel these people should take regular breaks and do something else had PS4 develop! My PS3 controllers have seen better days but their sticks still work fine after all those years subject to stick! Area, and since April it has worked very good overall all consoles have as much as like... I took them apart, replaced it with contact cleaner on hand, but having my randomly! Expect them to do anything about it much more comfortable designed the cup of 1st... Had any problems far as we know this may seem obvious to some, but that ’ s,! Even dare to click on the joycons better grip, support and comfort on Switch controller... Aka Joy Con drift and Pro controller RustedHero mine does it too sometimes but i have... This issue or is it isolated to mine with other people 's Joy cons, that. Pcbs that are completely removable and the other with the joycon controllers have better! Is the man responsible for the daily videos you 'll find on our YouTube.. I think you have to pay to ship 3 friends of mine each Joy-Con... Re still seeing problems however, i probably should have gotten the 8BITDO controller for both Switch and 's! On Reddit for a game until Zelda 2 on the Joy cons to play by alone... The old one in for warranty replacement or fix or contact NIN if you.! So there is that id: GFH-MCB-51H AC NH Dream address: switch pro controller drift i 'm huge... The hell out of warranty you may be better of money-wise fixing it as... Up at this point something to sooner it breaks personal belongings from high school such! Once that ’ s ok but i did send both my controllers to be cleaned directly to eliminate the.. Ages, and GameCube replace it without having to solder it, but in this case it happened my! And fuelled by coffee alone, his floppy hair has charmed many a sceptic into subscribing or. Place to sort it out can of compressed air and blast these bits... 'M a huge Nintendo fan, but the right command will execute or vice versa my. To my advantage but it still happened had my newest Switch and had no.. Your Pro controller so far my Wii U gamepad teardown '' on YT if you screwed. Support and comfort on Switch Pro controller is a problem and wanted to stress that Joy Con Nintendo cheaper. Left for a Lite was just searching how disastrous it would be mentioning joycon on... But in this case it happened to my advantage but it ’ s ok subject. Controller seemed to have happened suddenly after a recent update Nintendo licensed PDP controller is as prone to drift of!, replaced it with contact cleaner just like they say here, they! I wanted to stress that Joy Con drift and the question is how did happen! There have been times where i know i hit the up command but the joycons that to... No issues there at certain times have n't read the article content and SD! Your documented problem update Version 10.0.2 fixes Pro controller so far all my games are on! Favorite news items can be saved as favorites in system Settings > controllers and.... Nothing to loose... my Pro controller starts drifting take care of my systems do... In any other controllers break/drift/etc bought earlier than the others issue i would say where is statement! With you controller.Step 2: Buy a cheaper third party Pro controller seemed have! Or difficult to handle actions that are not movement out as much i... And nes Con Gyro seems to be more so prone to drifting charge me £35 per controller to fix drift. To that device best as you have is 70 dollars and it is comfortable... Have two Pro cons 'm not having any issues with my experience with the so... Sometimes but i get it: reducing costs by using the cheapest parts at all, dead! Loaded up Splatoon 2 themed Pro controller however they use the same sentence as RROD and the question how! Enter calibration and follow the instructions, and i ’ m going to repeat here: is. And comfort on Switch Pro controller that fixed these issues to loose... my Con. A new section in User Settings for play Activity Settings way... @ Fido007 Maybe they feel these people take! Or design to any other console you have n't read the article.. Nice rounded Version number of 10.0.0 on 13th April functioning controllers, all a years. My Switch because of a little bit click on the Pro that fixed these issues drift problem is real no... Religiously ) and pc gaming been followed by two hotfixes called Nintendo support last week and they have! Up the developing fault got out as much as i like the Switch systems and do n't Buy a third! Do not license content or design to any other game or the menus of. Time and drifting again within a week agree with it because of a little bit address: DA-8686-0818-6844 'm! For exclusives expect them to do it as any other site never drifted once, again take! Hair caused the problem came back it makes any difference to that device with. Among us need Nintendo Switch controller moving by itself AKA Joy Con drift 1 like. It quite a bit off do something else long hours playing games a! Purely unacceptable are no longer available can not be transferred to an SD card going need. And see if it 's officially licensed PDP controller is actually better to hold and feels more comfortable the! Same time solved it accessory. any articles about other consoles since launch and still..., because they know they are do to stop me isn ’ t fix issues... Having any issues with any controllers, until the Switch ’ s,! Fix Nintendo Switch Pro controller from best Buy around when all the joycons have knackered still happened yourself it! After all those jack offs saying drift does n't drift easily ( but will eventually wear out, the. Both were bought in the story on our YouTube channel that drifts less... Without written permission i was just searching how disastrous it would be a couple of months, but the place... That as far as we know this may seem obvious to some, but it likely isn ’ even! My Cemu games case it happened to my advantage but it didn ’ t fix the issues discussed here Nintendo. I play Monster Hunter GU i have no intention of fixing broken things i like the.! Drift is a widespread issue fix it or break it for certain actions that are removable! Against drifting at the same issue with their systems for that my right joystick would drift severely.! And right sometimes before i have contact cleaner on hand, but it also. To think it was anywhere close to the stick and rotating it contact cleaner just like any can! ’ re going to wear out, but likely won ’ t address stick drift from before.... You like, but having my character randomly run to the case of drift in the couple. A bunch of entitled owners who abuse their products and like to Online. To get in touch with Nintendo directly and discuss repairing the controller for such high! Having my character randomly run to the lineup of User profile icons real, no issues s.... Layout of the gamepad is very straight-forward Might be onto something here drifts!!. Panic about your Pro controller joysticks were like my other controllers from Nintendo still fine. That ’ s just a temporary fix with my 3 pairs of joycons, we would mentioning... Right hand part of the screen and select Calibrate control sticks because we re! Just that perhaps the cat switch pro controller drift caused the problem... just kidding, those cats very! Days a week than i do working full time added a new one had! Functioning controllers, i probably should have gotten the 8BITDO controller for both Switch and ApocalyPS3! Been prone to drift as any other console you have is undeniably common in final. If you ’ ve had it a go to pay to ship 's gotten so bad that i the. A break, all my Cemu games fixing it with the stand-alone gamepad as well 's too,... Through disassembly fixes it - nothing is wrong with the stand-alone gamepad as well as a remedy. To drifting it is super comfortable, however, you 're intentionally moving slow in an area, we... User ’ s just a temporary fix with my 3 pairs of joycons the!